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DL-11  MP3 MOH Player

The DL-11 is a state-of-the art  MP3 player that was designed specifically for Promotion On Hold applications. It can be used directly with key systems or with any of the many Skutch Promotion On Hold Modules.

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Click for Music On Hold Click for Music On Hold

Skutch manufactures a diverse line of products for the Music On Hold industry.  We have a wide range of Music On Hold modules that provide Music On Hold capabilities to telephones.  We also offer a Line Segregator that allows multiple companies to share a common key system, while keeping their own promotion on hold message.

Music On Hold

Click for Phone Line Simulator Click for Phone Line Simulator

Skutch Phone Line Simulators provide an inexpensive alternative to using telephone lines from your local telephone company.  They can be used for applications such as demonstration, testing, development, and in ring down circuit applications.  Simulators can also be used as phone test equipment.  You can use these devices with telephones, computer telephony voice cards, modems, fax machines and answering devices.  They are portable, easy to use, and inexpensive.  Skutch manufactures six different POTS phone line simulators.

Phone Line Simulator

Telephone Accessories

Two Line Business Phone Two line business phone with a built in Promotion-On-Hold Adapter.

Two Line Business Phone Two line business phone. Works with AS-702 HOLD button Promotion-On-Hold Module.

Single Line Audio Coupler Lets you play an audio source on a single telephone line.

Three Line Swinger Allows a single line answering device to answer three different telephone lines.

Two Line Smart Switch Allows a FAX machine to answer calls on either of two lines, and to select which line to dial out on.

Four Line Busy Out Don't miss calls; on multiple lines with Roll Over, your answering device will answer line 1 and busy out lines 2 - 4.

Business Software Solutions 

Skutch offers a line of business software for a wide range of applications. All software packages can be downloaded directly off our site, with a 30 day, full featured, FREE trial period.

  • PARS - Patient Appointment Reminder System
  • TextZip - transfer phone numbers between a PC and a BA-1000
  • DND Manager - generate callable numbers for your BA-1000, while removing Do Not Calls from the list
  • PSS Software - manage multiple Promotion On Hold messages for your DL-11

DMX and MIDI Devices

Midi to DMX Converter Midi to DMX Converter for DMX Stage Lighting control via MIDI

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