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AS-55 Automatic Single Phone Line Simulator

Suggested List Price: $190.00

The AS-55 is a single phone line simulator, designed to be permanently installed between your computer and its telephone lines. To your customers, the AS-55 phone line simulator is completely invisible, but to you, it will be invaluable. Just leave your local telephone connected to the AS-55 phone line simulator, and whenever you need to get your messages, just take your local telephone OFF HOOK and the AS-55 phone line simulator will automatically connect you to your Voice Card. If one of your customers is already using your Voice Card, the AS-55 phone line simulator will give you a simulated BUSY signal.

When you get the BUSY signal, you can hang up the local phone and try again later, or, you can use the AS-55 phone line simulator's exclusive CALL-BACK feature that will let your customer finish his business and then the AS-55 phone line simulator will RING UP your local telephone and connect you to the Voice Card. The AS-55 phone line simulator even allows you to interrupt a customer's call so you can access your Voice Card in an emergency.

Hookup couldn't be simpler; you can connect the AS-55 phone line simulator to either a single port or dual port Voice Card and then just connect a simple telephone to the jack labeled PHONE. We have even installed an audio jack in the AS-55 phone line simulator that allows you to record HIGH quality announcements onto the voice card, as well as allowing you to make tape archives of all your messages. All of these features come together to give you simplicity of connection, ease of operation and a hassle free working environment.

AS-55 Manual

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