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FS-30  The FS-30 is a large, 4’ by 1’, indoor/outdoor Christmas Countdown timer. It features large 4” digits with user programmable colors. It displays DAYS, HOURS, MINUTES, and SECONDS. DAYS, HOURS, and MINUTES have one programmable color, and the SECONDS have a separate programmable color. The color selection is Blue, Red, Green, White, or Auto. In Auto mode, the color automatically changes every hour. The FS-30 has battery backup so it will keep track of time even when the unit is unplugged for long periods of time. The unit uses a standard CR-2032 “coin” battery that can be changed by the user. In moderate temperatures, the battery should last at least 5 years.

The user programs the current time and the FS-30 automatically calculates the countdown values. It even adjust for leap years. When Christmas arrives the FS-30 will flash ZEROs. It will flash ZEROs until the new year starts. Once the new year begins, the FS-30 automatically resets and displays the new countdown for the new year.


  1. Designed for Inside or Seasonal Outdoor use.
  2. Large 4” tall digits allows viewing up to 100 feet away.
  3. Color of Digits can be user programmed as Blue, Red, Green, or AUTO. (Days, Hours, Minutes= 1st color and Seconds= 2nd color) With AUTO, colors change every hour.
  4. Fixed White illuminated “Countdown to Christmas” and “Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds” labels.
  5. Up to 10 Year Battery Backup using standard, user changeable CR-2032 battery.
  6. PROGRAM MODE allows User to SET CLOCK and SET color of Digits.
  7. All digits flutter at every MINUTE change.
  8. All digits flash ZEROs from Christmas until the new year. Unit automatically resets at new year.
  9. Has three D-RING mounting clips for easy mounting.

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