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DL-11 Message Repeater

Suggested List Price: $140.00

The DL-11 is a state-of-the art  MP3 player that was designed specifically for Promotion On Hold applications. It can be used directly with key systems or with any of the many Skutch Promotion On Hold Modules. Updated audio productions can be sent to the end-user over the internet for fast updates. Audio files up to 9 minutes in length can be emailed to end-users with commercial email accounts, or you can also use 3rd party large file transfer sites such as "YouSendIt.com" to transfer larger files or to end-users with non-commercial email accounts.

The DL-11 has a huge audio storage capacity. It can store up to two hours of audio production on the supplied USB Flash Drive.

The DL-11 uses standard USB Flash Drives that are readily available, even at Wal-Mart! The DL-11 will automatically play any MP3 audio file that is stored on the Flash Drive. Once it has finished playing, the DL-11 will immediately repeat the play sequence, over and over again. If you should loose power, the DL-11 will automatically re-start, from the beginning when power is restored. The DL-11 plays the audio directly from the USB Flash drive, so there is no initial LOAD sequence on power up. Once it is plugged in, it automatically starts playing. The unit has an audio power amplifier with about 200mW of power so it can handle a wide range of audio inputs, from key systems to pre-amp inputs. The DL-11 has a "button" controlled, adjustable volume. The volume setting is maintained even through power outrages. The unit also comes with an internal TEST speaker so that the end-user can always test to see if the DL-11 is playing properly. The DL-11 is a perfect choice for all Promotion On Hold applications.

Click here to view a video about putting messages on your DL-11.

The DL-11 is covered by a 3 year limited warranty; the USB flash drive is covered by a 1 year warranty.

PSS (Production Selection Software), a simple message manager for the DL-11, V3.00 - Free to use with the DL-11
Posted: 10/8/2009 Size: 1.783M bytes

DL-11 Generic Message All rights reserved, free to use on DL-11 only. Right-Click this link, then choose Save As and save it directly to your USB stick or to your computer.

PSS is now Windows VISTA/7 compatible with "Safe" Eject.

DL-11 Manual

DL-11 Drag & Drop Instructions

DL-11 Technical Specifications

DL-11 Sending MP3 files over Internet

DL-11 Sales Brochure

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