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Business Software Solutions

Welcome to the Business Software Solutions download page.  Most software from our site is provided free for 30 day trial by Skutch Electronics, Inc.  After 30 days, if you wish to keep using the software, you must purchase a registration license.  Select the package you are interested in from the following list.

Time Enunciator

This packages audibly signals the start and end times for ALL break periods.  It is the perfect package to make sure your employees know when their break times are.


This package gives medical professionals a simple way to do "Personalized" appointment reminder calls to improve their "No Show" numbers.


This package lets you convert a Comma Delimited ASCII text file of phone numbers to a BA-1000 dialing file, or from a BA-1000 dialing file into an ASCII text file.  This is useful if you maintain specific calling lists.

DND Manager

This package lets you create a callable file of phone numbers to one of the BA-1000 dialing files; removing all Federal, State and Personal DND numbers from the file.  You must be sure to download/update the DND numbers files from the appropriate locations.  This program will remind you when your Federal/State files are over 3 months old.

POHU Software

This package manages the entire process up updating new Promotion On Hold messages that are sent to you.

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