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EX-100 MIDI to DMX Converter

Suggested List Price: $140.00

The Skutch EX-100 is a MIDI to DMX512 converter.  This unit allows you to control your DMX Stage lighting via MIDI messages.  If you are using a MIDI sequencer for your performances, the EX-100 allows you to completely automate your stage lighting using your existing MIDI sequencer.  Your lighting changes will always be in perfect sync with your sequenced songs.  You now have the ability to create your own mini light show for each individual song.  Just think, during the lead solo, you could kill all the lights and have just the solo musician illuminated.  The EX-100 gives you total control over your stage lighting via MIDI commands.  Since the EX-100 works with standard MIDI messages, any device that outputs MIDI messages can be used to control your stage lights; i.e. keyboards, foot switches and sequencers.


  • Power LED.

  • Power requirements = 115VAC @ 60Hz (5 Watts).

  • Midi Input Jack (No Power Output Available on Jack).

  • Midi Thru Jack (No Power Output Available on Jack).

  • Two, individual, DMX Output Jacks (non-isolated).

  • Midi Channel Select Switch (1-16) - Can be changed "On the Fly".

  • Controls DMX Channels 1-255; channels 256-512 are always OFF (0).

  • Midi "NOTE ON" command, 1-127, controls DMX Channels 1-127.

  • Midi "Control Change" command, 0-127, controls DMX Channels 128-255.

  • Midi "Program Change command, changes DMX Channels 1-255, in unison.

  • RESET button.  When pressed, DMX channels 1-255 are FULL ON.  When released, channels are reset to OFF.

  • Status LED shows Midi Activity.  Green for selected Midi Channel, Red for other Midi Channels.

  • One Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty.

EX-100 Operation Manual

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