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EX-704 4 Line, "Star" Activated Music On Hold Device

Suggested List Price: $325.00

The EX-704 Music On Hold Adapter can handle three or four lines, to give you Music On Hold ability for your KSU-less phones. This version of our EX-704 Music On Hold unit was designed specifically for three or four line KSU-less phones; to provide you with as quick and painless a connection, of this system, as possible.

This system connects directly to the telephone lines and can be used by all of the phones on it's lines; you can place someone on hold, through the EX-704 Music On Hold unit, on one phone and pick them up on a different phone without hassle. This unit provides excellent audio quality for connection to any audio source through an industry standard RCA audio jack; from inexpensive tape decks to the latest digital playback units, you won't be disappointed. The fact is, the EX-704 Music On Hold unit is much better than most any other telephone Music On Hold adapter currently on the market, short of buying an expensive telephone KEY system.

EX-704 Manual

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