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Signal Interference "Filter"

Suggested List Price: $25.00

These days, with the rise in VoIP, Fiber Optic, DSL and Cable lines, dealers are encountering an increasing number of situations where the "Smart" phones at a customer's site are just not talking to each other.  These "Smart" phones rely on a high frequency communication stream between the phones, over their Line 1 telephone line.  In some installations, these communications get loaded down by circuitry in the Analog Phone Line Converters (or because of DSL service) used by these new technologies; when this happens, the phones don't work properly.  The result is that when a call is placed on "Hold" on one phone, it will NOT show that the call is on "Hold" on the other phones.  Worse yet, when you pick up the "Holding" call on another phone, it does NOT clear the "Hold" condition on the first phone.  When you hang up the call, you have to go back to the original phone and clear the "Hold" before the telephone line will clear and be available for a new call.  If you don't do this, the phone line can stay busied out for up to 20 minutes before it auto RESETS.  Also the intercom and call transfer functions will not operate properly.

To combat this problem we developed our Signal Interference Filter (Filter for short).  To use it, simply go to the Analog Phone Line Converter box, unplug the Line 1 connection from it and plug the Filter into the Converter box and the Line 1 cord into the Filter; NOTE:  this has to be done at the Analog Phone Line Converter box, NOT at one of the phones.  Once in place, your phones should be freely talking to each other as they're supposed to.

The Signal Interference "Filter" works with the following phones (though it will likely work with all "smart" phones on the market):


1040, 1070, 1080, 843, 853, 854, 874, 944, 945, 953,
954, 955, 964, 974, 984, 90240, 90529, 90889


KX-TS4100, KX-TS4200, KX-TS4300

Radio Shack

1752, 212, 612


412, 412CID, 4900






420I, ITC-420

Phone Mate











SA400, SI-460

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