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FS-10 10" Tall Seven Segment Digit, Serial Controlled

Suggested List Price: $75.00

The FS-10 is a 10 inch tall, 7-Segement, RGB Digit that is controlled by a 2-wire SPI type serial port. It requires only two microcontroller PIA output ports, a Clock and a DATA output for operation. Up to 30 FS-10 digits can be daisy chained together.


  1. Large 10 inch tall, 7-segment, RGB Digit.
  2. Two-wire serial control allows easy processor interface.
  3. Up to 30 Digits can be daisy chained together with no additional control ports.
  4. Each SEGMENT is color controllable (RGB). 16.7 million color combinations.
  5. Each SEGMENT has a 32 step(5-bit) GLOBAL color-independent brightness control.
  6. Powered by a single regulated 5VDC power supply (1.6A Max each digit) (not provided).
  7. Data Input and Output connectors for easy installation and expansion.

FS-10 Manual

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