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Old Product Manuals and Links

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Station ID Programming

If you are having problems getting your AT&T/Lucent 843, 853, 854, 874, 953, 954 or GE 2-9450-B, 2-9450-C, 2-9450-D, 2-9450-E, 2-9450-F, 2-9451-A phones to activate the Promotion-On-Hold with one of our AS-703's, try resetting the Station ID's of the phones.  Instructions for setting the Station ID of these phones can be found in the following PDF file.

Conflicting Station ID Programming Instructions

Old Product Manuals

The following are links to all of the older versions of available product manuals we currently offer on our web site.

Music On Hold

AS-702 Manual - Replaced by AS-702-B -

AS-703-A Manual - Replaced by AS-703-M -

AS-703-AM Manual - Replaced by AS-703-M -

AS-703-G Manual - Discontinued Product -

AS-703-I Manual - Replaced by AS-703-M -

AS-703-IM Manual - Replaced by AS-703-M -

AS-703-R Manual - Replaced by AS-703-M -

AS-703-RM Manual - Replaced by AS-703-M -

AS-703-M Manual - SN A3010001 through A4101600 v1.00

AS-703-M Manual - SN A5041601 through A6012550 v1.10

AS-801 Manual - Old rectangular grey box with black end caps

AT-7 Manual - Discontinued Product -

BA-1 Manual - Discontinued Product -

BA-2 Manual - Discontinued Product -

BA-5 Manual - Discontinued Product -

BA-5-4 Manual - Discontinued Product -

BA-704-2 Manual - SN A203001 through A3040240 v1.02 - Replaced by EX-704-2 -

BA-704-2 Manual - SN A3040241 through A4031389 v1.04 - Replaced by EX-704-2 -

BA-704 Manual - Before SN A104001 v1.00

BA-704 Manual - SN A104001 through A104099 v3.00

BA-704 Manual - SN A106001 through A3010249 v4.00

CK-1A Manual - Discontinued Product -

CK-1A3 Manual

CK-1A4 Manual

CK-1A4 R2 V1 Manual

CK-1A6 Manual

CK-1A7 Manual

CK-1G1 Manual - Discontinued Product -

CK-1P Manual - Replaced by CK-1P7 -

CK-1P5 Manual

CK-1P6 Manual

CK-1P7 Manual

CK-1R Manual - Discontinued Product -

CK-1R3 Manual

CK-2 Manual

CK-2 Installation Method #1

CK-2 Installation Method #2

DL-11 V1 Manual

DL-11 V3 Manual

T-700 Manual - Replaced by EX-704-2 -

T-700-4 Manual - Replaced by BA-704 -

Phone Line Simulators

AS-27 Manual - Discontinued Product -

AS-6 Manual - Discontinued Product -

AS-66 Manual - Replaced by CK-4 -

CK-4 Manual - SN A4030001 through A5070103 - Version 1.00

Digital Announcers

DL-4 Manual - Discontinued Product -

Automatic Dialers

BA-1000 Firmware Updates Page - v5.1X and higher - Discontinued Product -


BA-1000-A Firmware Updates Page - v5.1X and higher - Discontinued Product -


AS-80 Manual - All - Discontinued Product -

AS-101 Manual - All - Replaced by BA-1000-A -

BA-1000 Manual - v2.9X

BA-1000 Manual - v3.0X

BA-1000 Technical Manual - v3.0X

BA-1000 Manual - v3.10 & 3.11

BA-1000 Technical Manual - v3.10 & 3.11

BA-1000 Manual - v3.12

BA-1000 Technical Manual - v3.12

BA-1000 PARS Manual - v3.12

BA-1000 Manual - v4.00 through 4.03

BA-1000 Technical Manual - v4.00 through 4.03

BA-1000 Manual - v4.04 through v4.1X

BA-1000 Technical Manual - v4.04 through v4.1X

BA-1000 Manual - v5.XX

BA-1000 Technical Manual - v5.XX

BA-1000 Manual - v6.XX

BA-1000 Technical Manual - v6.XX

BA-1000-A Manual - v1.00 through v1.14

BA-1000-A Technical Manual - v1.00 through v1.14

BA-1000-A Manual - v1.15 through 3.XX

BA-1000-A Technical Manual - v1.15 through 3.XX

BA-1000-A Manual - v4.00 through 4.03

BA-1000-A Technical Manual - v4.00 through 4.03

BA-1000-A Standard Manual - v4.04 through 5.XX

BA-1000-A Vbox Manual - v4.04 through 5.XX

BA-1000-A Technical Manual - v4.04 through 5.XX

BA-1000-A Standard Op Man - v6.XX

BA-1000-A Vbox Op Man - v6.XX

BA-1000-A On Call Mode Op Man - v6.XX

BA-1000-A Technical Manual - v6.XX

BA-1000 Sftwr Cnvrn Pkg Man - v2.01

BA-1000 Software Conversion Package Manual - v1.00

CBC-9000 Manual - v9.2X - Replaced by BA-1000 -

Remote Reset Devices

AS-2500-1 Manual - Discontinued Product -

AS-2500-2 Manual - Discontinued Product -

AS-2500-3 Manual - Discontinued Product -

Line Switches

AS-33 Ring Delay Manual - Discontinued Product -

AS-816 Manual - Discontinued Product -

Audio Couplers

T-21PX Manual - Discontinued Product -

CK-10 Manual - Discontinued Product -

DMX and MIDI Devices

EX-100 Operation Manual

Software Manuals

PARS Computerized Manual - v1.03

PARS Manual System Manual - v3.2X

DND Manager Manual

TimeClockLE Manual - Discontinued Product -

TimeClockNet Manual - Discontinued Product -

Sales Support Fliers

General Church Flyer

Appointment Reminder Flyer

General BA-1000 Telemarketing Flyer

BA1000A Doctor System Flyer

BA1000A General System Flyer

PARS Manual System Flyer

PARS Computerized System Flyer

Technical Information

BA-1000 IDE Cable/EPROM Replacement

AS-703-AM, IM and RM  Jumper Settings diagram

DL-11 Old Technical Specifications

Technical Field Bulletins

FB-A7020001 BA-1000 New card Bad?

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