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PARS 7 for the BA-1000, V1.01
30 day "Free Trial" - $350.00 to Register
Posted: 03/15/2012 Size: 10.5M bytes

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NOW compatible with Windows Vista/7

The Patient Appointment Reminder System (PARS) package lets you automate the process of setting up your patient appointment reminder calls.  This package can Import any Comma Delimited ASCII text file, with phone numbers and appointment information, and generate all of the voice files, automatically, for the BA-1000 to call.  Newly added to PARS 7 is our custom import feature; if your appointment software does not export to a Comma Delimited ASCII text file, then we can create a custom import module to accept your output format, just contact us with the details.

  1. Transforms the BA-1000 dialer into a Patient Appointment Reminder System.
  2. Allows patient appointment information to be imported from scheduling software.
  3. Generates all voice prompts for patient notification.
  4. Allows playback of patient messages directly on your computer.

Technical Support

Skutch provides high quality telephone technical support, on a no charge basis, for a period of two (2) years from the registration date of the software. After this time, the product needs to be re-registered for further technical support.

System Requirements:

Windows XP or higher
512M RAM
40M hard drive space
800x600 video resolution.

PARS General Information Flyers

PARS Manual System Flyer

PARS Computerized Flyer

PARS Manuals

PARS 7 Manual - version 1.00

PARS Manual System Manual - version 3.20

PARS 7 Version History

  • Version 1.01 Added support for appointment time without am/pm.
  • Version 1.00 New release with Windows Vista/7 support and custom import modules.

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