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T-70 4 Line Busy Out Device

Suggested List Price: $125.00

Busy Out device. If you have several telephone lines with one published number, and calls ROLL OVER to the other lines when the main line is in use, then the T-70 can help you. Simply connect the published line to the MAIN RJ-11 telephone cable on the T-70, and its other telephone cables to the ROLL OVER lines (you can cover more than four lines by connecting more T-70's in tandem). The T-70 routes all calls on the MAIN line to the Telecommunication Device while the ROLL OVER lines have a BUSY placed on them throughout each call. In this way, no call will go unanswered; either the call will go to the Telecommunication Device or it will get a BUSY signal, letting the callers know they can try again shortly. If you have more than one published telephone number, but still have some ROLL OVER lines, you can connect the T-70 with the T-51A to allow any of the published lines to get through while the ROLL OVER lines get the BUSY signal.

T-70 Manual

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